Monday, March 15, 2010

stop t-t-t-t-t-elephonin' mee !

If you was watching new GaGa feat Beyonce video: Telephone , good job ! It's artistical great, and..nasty. I love the quotes, and i love to see GaGa and Beyonce ACT ! They proof out they can act,but still bad i think,but it's cool ! And it's just like a crime girls from beauty hell... Just see they new video on Youtube or Itunes..

And for the Fashion, GREEATT
let's see this
It's a crazy but lovely..

for those fashion on there i was choose the most beautiful is..
Look at the dress, awfull !
That dress by Rachael Barrett, Royal College of Art MA 2009 graduate. The dress belongs to her graduation fashion show. And it was a great job to do transparent object for dress, kinda bluring her body, it's hell damn gorgeus.
so 2009, but still hot.
I also see this dress in her show, and on Bad Romance video, KEWL. Seems she loves pretty much with this dress.

And for the headpiece..

So..just watch her new videos and wait for her new videos : Alejandro

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