Monday, March 1, 2010

gucci fall 2010 RTW

before beginning, i'm welcoming march ! I don't think so this march is a great month but i have a lotta holiday for this month. For you who have birthday in this month, happy birthday y'all !
I'm kinda goes to, favorite fashions freaks, just go to see the newest trends, so i'm going to see the newest show from Glam Gucci, yes i called glam, they collection is perfect glamorous. Simple,Elegant,Stylish.
And you can see up there, it's beauty. No i don't know now i freaking out about brown, it's lovely. The second colour i love is gray, that colour give me a simple touch and comfortable colour, and waaarm. And i'm freaking out with the boots, It's a pants-boots? I don't think so but it's a great boot ! And before this i dreaming about this boots, why designer doesn't make this boots ? And my dream is here, Gucci. Or they can see trough my dream? *LOL*

And they said : Go Fur ! I love fur coat, even i love summer, but i should love fur. How to use fur in summer ? Vest? We'll see if designer wear fur for summer. Challenge!

 How's glasses ? i love it. Another brown again bring it on fashion ! Brown browwn brown !

oh i increasingly love gucci, my dreams going true ! love you BROWN !

Yes it's better for the fur. So glam with those hair.

Wear a lace tight? with Brown colour ? YES !

For the conclusion : I LOVE BROWN .

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