Monday, March 8, 2010

Real Pandora's people in Oscar ?!

You've got to be kidding !? YES !
Actually it's not real pandora's people like in Avatar movie. It's Ben Stiller !
He have to get make up like in Avatar movie, he read the nomination of the best make up. It's absolutely LOL
from :
Ben Stiller took the stage in full Na'vi style makeup to present the Academy Award for Best Makeup Sunday night. Stiller pointed out that Avatar wasn't actually nominated for Best Makeup since its characters were created through CG instead of makeup.

But he had to wear something, right? Stiller said he had to choose between the Na'vi outfit or his Star Trek ears signed by Leonard Nimoy, but he thought the ears were a little too nerdy.

Stiller was originally going to present the awards along with Borat star Sacha Baron Cohen, but his sketch made Oscar producers nervous. Sacha and Ben were originally planning to appear together with Sacha dressed as a female Na'vi pregant with James Cameron's love child. While many speculated that the sketch was nixed because producers didn't want to make fun of the wildly successful director, James Cameron has said he doesn't mind being the butt of the joke.

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