Monday, September 20, 2010

Alexander 'freaky' Wang S/S 2011

I don't mean he was such a freak.But the collection is make me FREAK! the shades,cuts,layered was really him.And so me.

I was wondering..why he was obsessed with a 'bull' head ? So the model's hair was just like a horn. And he putted nose ring just like a bull

But every stories we all ever read was have an admonition.From this,we learn not to fear to DIY our closets.

My weaknes is here.DIY the dress or the panties.Scratch your oldies white collection white spidols or pensils.


hold your nose,Hanne Gaby.


Friday, May 14, 2010

yaday yaday yaday i love vintage
all in this is totally not buy,it's from my mom ! And because of vintage i adore this collection

cf shirt,classique shirt,sophie martin watch,trouser pants,white socks,oxford.


this time i just have a good time with my friends in high school,doing a bestfriends do !
And i'm having a giant chess in a big table,actually it's a really antique chess table,so classicality.
and i use my mom's vintage jacket,white shirt from 'unnamed',alligator belt,white pants,and bata oxford shoes//

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

long time !

oh my just bitchess god,i have never posting again for another long time agoooooooooo so miss it so much,i kinda doing post my picture but it's a delayed time cause my photos cant get enough,just wait and see !
so this time a just wanna post my beauty inspire again..
from looklet,editors pick (taste good)
you belong with me,Taylor ! (vogue features)
prada spring 2010 (by the way,summer comes quickly in Indonesia,you know)
my new best model, Karlie Kloss ! (,and it's a beauty dress <3)

Saturday, April 17, 2010

still here

oh my godness,i haven't been also posting for a long time,so,i have to post again and this time i want to share my lovely bitchess pics who inspire me up,not exactly inspire but its beautyfull.SO keep in touch FASHIONISTAS
thanks i found you,beauty photos and so inspiring me for beauty bags
also ! i also read you!
sorry if i didn't permit to you to use your photos,but i really love your site and blogs. love love love.It's just inspiring me up

go there

Sunday, April 11, 2010


Wednesday, April 7, 2010


denim shirt,blue CF top,my dad old bag (looove <3),pants,sophie marthin watch,oxford shoes

i was in 'saung angklung udjo' with my friends. That place is one of the place who contain like a museum or a show of 'angklung' do you know guys angklung ?
it's one of indonesian culture, it's a music thing and it's made from bamboo and we can hear a beauty harmony of voices in there, so fantastic. How i love this culture.

many photos:
dancing together
and guess what? kids can do this than me lol

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

twisted vintage

new look from me and S .

i'm using : blue shirt,blazer with shoulders pads,belt,trouser pants,oxford shoes.
S using : blue blouse,black shirt, trouser pants,belt,brown bag,heels

we want to share that trouser pants is hot and trending so much. So vintage,and adorable
And i would love to say
happy april's !