Thursday, February 25, 2010

Run and get it

For your highness, Mr. Alexander Wang, you are the best. It's a new way to make a sunglasses is using velvet for the frame. Or you can get velvet, silk, maybe? using fabric for the frame. Or maybe for the awesome touch you can get your cat eye sunglasses and patch velvet to the frame with your glasses maker.

sneakers ? why not ? I always wear those for hang out. don't be scare if you aren't looking good, sneakers is cool way to get a 'boyish' and if you hate heels, don't use flats anymore, use sneakers . For the awesome sneak you can buy a brown sneakers, i love brown ! if you want a trending colours 2010 you can choose pastel or silver or leather sneakers. It's rockin awesome ! And choose a high knee sneakers. If you want to use sneakers, you can combine it with pants,short pants, or skirt (short skirt). Don't give a 'feminime' look for sneakers, it will be worst look. Just go grunge with your sneakers !

my design in looklet for sneakers trends !

Awesome touch. Choose fur in your neck with a dark colour like black,brown,dark green, dark blue,etc. And for the special is wearing coat with fur in the neck, like fur-turtleneck-coat. You can make it with your tailor !

Fur coats, fur jackets, fur mittens, fur-trimmed trouser cuffs—why not fur bags?

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