Sunday, February 21, 2010

MR. G P , monster creatures after Mcqueen

I was just killing my new day with my homework. I do it and i prefer to study hard, but i had to little rehab after next monday, i have a 6 day free !!! My high school is prefering a Try Out for my senior. It means i had a lotta fun for posting !

just look at the picture, it's Gareth Pug collection for spring 2010. He is, i don't ever sad again because of Mcqueen's die. He is, My new fav !
because he pop out his collection with weirdo's look. It's an art, not fashion. But it's a fashion in front of the art.
Talking about his Spring 2010, it's a good desaign, it's like inspire from zombie's, a clean zombies y'all.
It's a good way to gray. Gray? or Lavender? I do it's a hard hitting question. I can't probably guess that colour, so if you know what's that colour, told me pals .This one i saw isn't look too extrim or too weird but those i love it . I can't decide Gareth pugh was started his design talent when he was little boy, he design costume for his drama's performance with his friends. And he blow up his talent with study fashion until college. Great epic. Great art. Great fashion. Greaaaaat ! Don't ya  ?
wow. Seems she needs some rest (moron). It's a great make up ! if you want to take a hallowen costume, you should pick this make up for your looks. And so does it's dress, jumpsuit, combine it , combine combine combine. DONT BE SCARE TO COMBINE YOUR LOOKS EVEN THEY HATE IT, just do it with your heart, and situation of course.

gotta do my homework again, see ya

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