Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Lemony Snicket’s: A series of unfortunate events

The main plot being an orphange trio of two sisters and a brother hunted by their gravely mean uncle Count Olaf (impressivley portraid by Jim Carrey) for their heritage, these unfortunate events are upsetting as well as eye-catching beautiful. A rare case of footage were every minute caught on film is a joy of architechture and light, strange plants, labyrinth houses, dangerous fish and lurking evildoers in every corner, all strangley attatched to the greedy Olaf, it’s really the costumes of the set that impresses the most. Putting young children (namely a trio) in gothic looks against a "the weight of the world" set and mood is really what makes everything work for this one. The well-fitted jackets and puff sleeved dresses, the patent leather flats together with fishnet shirts. Great layers och rich heavy fabrics all in typical gothic style. Had we been kids of Lemony Snicket's age there had been no stopping us in playing dress up in velvet full length dresses and peek toe boots.

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